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Agate Clay Round Pebble Placemat (s/4)

Agate Clay Round Pebble Placemat (s/4)

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Round Placemats that redefine effortless entertaining. These Agate pebble faux leather placemats make for pieces suitable at any occasion. With our signature patterns on the front and off-white on the back, Nicolette Mayer Placemats elevate any table.

The pattern  "Agate” is inspired by the earth's rock formations. I have become focused on the Earth and what pressure and time have created within it. Agate is interesting in its organic swirling beauty. I like to change the colorations of nature to combinations that might not be possible but make me swoon.” -- Nicolette Mayer 

The material is easy to care for; simply wipe down before storing. Allow to Dry.

  • Indoor/ Outdoor.
  • Proudly Manufactured Made in the USA.
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